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Master of Education with a Concentration in Early Childhood & Elementary Education

Frequently Asked Questions

When are applications due?
There is an application deadline approximately 45 days prior to each term start.
Is there an application fee?
Yes, there is an application fee of $25 for each graduate school application, including those of international students.
How many term starts are there each year?
There are three term starts per year in which students may enter the program: Spring (January), Summer (May/June), Fall (August)
How long is each term?
Fall and spring semesters comprise 16 weeks, broken into two eight-week terms each. Summer comprises one eight-week term.
Are transfer credits accepted?
Yes. A total of up to nine semester hours of graduate credit in which grades of B or better are earned at an accredited graduate degree-granting institution may be accepted as transfer credit. Credit earned in correspondence work will not be accepted.

Any graduate work to be transferred must meet the following requirements: (1) courses must be taken within time limitation as stated for the graduate program of study (2) the course was restricted to graduate students only; (3) the content of the course must correspond to that of a course at this institution; and (4) courses must be approved by the student’s adviser and the dean of The Graduate School. Students desiring to have graduate credits transferred must complete a Transfer of Credit form (available in The Graduate School) and have an official transcript sent from the registrar of the college/university previously attended. Students transferring courses for teacher education programs must have taken them at an institution with state-approved programs.

Must the bachelor’s degree be from a regionally accredited university?
Students who wish to be considered for graduate admission at Alabama State University must hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from a regionally accredited college or university with a minimum GPA of 2.5.
Are online transcripts accepted?
Yes. Admissions decision can be made using unofficial transcripts received online but the official transcript(s) must be received before a student is allowed to register for the subsequent enrollment term.
Is this program 100% online?
Yes, the program is 100% online and generally asynchronous, meaning students may log in at their own convenience. Assignments, participation, other course requirements and outcomes are determined by each professor and listed in the syllabi. It is up to each student to log in and complete course work.
What is program tuition?
The tuition for the 2016-2017 academic year is set at $578.00 per credit hour; that amount is subject to change at the discretion of the university.
What are the types of Graduate Admissions offered by ASU?
  1. Full Admission – wherein the application file is complete and student is admitted without provisions.
  2. Conditional Admission – student is admitted conditionally until the successful completion of the first twelve hours of coursework with a GPA of 3.0 (Admission to Candidacy form must be completed)
  3. Contingent Admission – student is admitted contingent upon the submission of official documents and completion of all official scores by the end of the first enrollment term (i.e. – may be admitted without GRE, GWCT or MAT score and/or official transcripts and must provide during first term of study)
Are students who are conditionally or contingently admitted eligible for Financial Aid?
Yes, all registered students are eligible as long as they meet federal criteria for aid and are enrolled in an appropriate number of credits. An ASU Financial Aid professional will work with you to establish your eligibility for financial aid. Please contact Christy Gaskin, Financial Aid Counselor, via email at or phone at 334-229-4657.
How many students are usually in each class?
The typical class size is 17- 22 students.
How often are courses offered?
Courses are offered in a carousel model on a rolling basis determined by student volume and administrative considerations.
How long does it take to complete the program?
Students can complete the M.Ed. program in 24 months or less, depending on chosen concentration and the number of credits taken each semester.
Is there a comprehensive exam required for graduation?
Yes, each candidate for the Master of Education degree must satisfactorily pass a comprehensive examination, to be administered by the department or curricular program committee.
Is part-time enrollment available?
Most students are expected to enroll on a part-time basis for six credit hours per semester, or one three credit course per eight-week term. Financial aid is available for part-time graduate enrollment.
What knowledge and skills will I learn?
With a focus on instructional strategies for young children as well as psychology and technology, the Early Childhood Education program prepares teachers for Pre-K through Grade 3 in public (and private) schools.

The Elementary Education concentration uses cutting-edge instruction that focuses on diversity and inclusion, human development and behavior; computer based instruction as well as the effect of modern issues on the elementary population.

How will I communicate with my ASU advisor?
ASU advisors are faculty members assigned to students upon acceptance. They can be reached via phone or email.
Will I have access to the ASU Library?
Yes, students will have online access via name and university ID number login credentials.
Are applicants required to provide a copy of their teaching certificates?
Only candidates applying for the certification option must provide a copy of a valid Alabama Class B teaching certificate. Only teachers who hold a valid Alabama Class B teaching certificate may apply for that option.

The non-certification option is open to candidates from education and other backgrounds who are interested in obtaining a master’s degree in education. Candidates from in and outside of Alabama, without a Class B or other teaching certificate may apply; the non-certification option does not require proof of a teaching certificate.

I am a certified teacher in a state other than Alabama, for which option should I apply?
Certified teachers from other states must apply for the non-certification option as the degree will not qualify the student for any teaching certificate in the State of Alabama. Out-of-state students should check carefully the certification requirements of their respective states as well as for any possible salary incentives for earning a master’s degree.
How many classes per semester should a student in each concentration take?
Most students are expected to enroll on a part-time basis for six credit hours per semester, or one three credit course per eight-week term.
What is the weekly time commitment for a student to devote to his/her studies?
Students can expect to spend about 12 hours per week working on each three-credit course (approximately four hours for each one credit hour).
What is the maximum time a student can take to complete his/her Masters degree?
All degree requirements must be completed within an eight-year time period.
What is an approximate cost of books for this program?
Textbooks for the M.Ed. program are estimated to cost approximately $300.00 per semester (an average of $150.00 per course). Please be mindful that textbooks and other course materials are selected and assigned by faculty members, so this estimate is offered for planning purposes only.

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